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Marcos Coll interview

May 18, 2023 Neil Warren Season 1 Episode 86
Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
Marcos Coll interview
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Marcos Coll joins me on episode 86.

Marcos is a Spaniard who has been living in Berlin for the last twenty years. Marcos rose to fame at a young age on the Spanish blues scene playing with the Tonky Blues Band before forming the the Los Reyes del KO band, touring the world and sharing the stage with many famous names.

Moving to Berlin in 2004, Marcos became a regular on the vibrant blues scene in Germany and recorded with many great artists.

In addition to playing blues, Marcos likes to mix modern beats such as hip hop into the blues, as well as playing traditional Spanish and Latin music, including cutting a Latin song with Charlie Musselwhite.

Marcos has an online tuition site called Harp and Soul, has been a judge at the Trossingen World Harmonica Championship and is a regular at Seoul, and other harmonica festivals.

Marcos’s website:

Online tuition website:


With Los Mighty Calacas at World Harmonica Festival 2013:

Latin workshop at Hohner masters 2022:

Chan Chan song, playing chord harp (and others) also effect part way thru

Marcos rapping on basketball anthem:

Harp and Soul tuition introduction:

Seoul festival, playing with Antonio Serrano:

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Marcos is a Spaniard, currently living in Berlin
Was inspired to take up harmonica from the British Blues Boom bands and American 50s rock ’n roll
First instrument was violin, but didn’t continue with that
Spanish music influences and blues scene in Spain, including Naco Goni
First harmonica was a Chinese made Huang
Starting out playing music as a teenager, which progressed into performing until late 5 nights a week
Mother’s reaction to Marcos becoming a full-time musician
Great training ground playing in the late night clubs in Spain where Marcos learned to entertain
Tips on how to entertain the audience: be yourself and feel what the audience wants
Energy Marcos puts into his performances
A big influence on Marcos was a big festival in Spain with many famous names and the value of seeing live performances
Moved to Madrid in 1999 joining the Tonky Blues Band and shared stage with many famous names
Leaves singing to the great singers
Los Reyes del KO band (The Knockout Kings) with name coming from dressing up as boxers in an early gig
Touring with Los Reyes del KO and sharing stage with idols
Live in Berlin album from Los Reyes del KO and Paul Butterfield influence
Mixing modern beats like hip hop in with traditional blues
Relocated to Berlin in 2004 and the great blues scene in Germany
Started playing with Aron Burton in Berlin
Under The Wings compilation album
Hucklebuck duet with Keith Dunn
La Paloma is a Spanish song, which Marco found was popular in Germany too
Street Preaching album with Stefano Ronchi, mixing modern beats with blues again
Album with Will Jacobs, a Chicago musician
Now in a band called The Blues Jacana, Marcos’s jam band around Berlin
Charlie Musselwhite has recorded a song on an album with Marcos with the Los Mighty Calacas band
New album coming out in 2023, called Nomade, playing traditional Spanish music
Going to keep the Spanish influence in his much moving forwards
Marcos ran a Latin workshop at Trossingen
Playing orchestral harmonicas and chromatic: not highly skilled on them but can get by
Session work includes for a big Mexican film
Chose harmonica over playing basketball professionally
Teaches harmonica and online tuition course: Harp and Soul
Been a judge at various harmonica festivals, including the World Harmonica Championship at Trossingen
Performed at Seoul Festival, including with Antonio Serrano
Appeared at the Harmonica FEN Festival in Berlin in 2022
Popularity of harmonica in Asia
10 minute question
Harmonica of choice: Hohner endorsee and plays Crossovers (wood) and Rockets (plastic)
Doesn’t use customised harmonicas
Doesn’t use overblows
Marcos picture is on the box of Hohner Blues Bender packaging
Different tunings: likes Harmonic Minor
Prefers sound of a note played without an overblow
Embouchre: uses both
Amps: did use Fender Princeton Reverb, but now works with what’s available
Effects pedals are now usable for harmonica tone
Likes to add effects to his sound sometimes, including Octaver from ElectroHarmonix
Mics: vocal mic and Hohner Harp Blaster
Future plans