Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast

Paul Lamb interview

April 10, 2020 Neil Warren Season 1 Episode 1
Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
Paul Lamb interview
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First up in the podcast I'm delighted to welcome a certain Mr Paul Lamb.
Paul is a living legend of blues harmonica.
He's been performing for over 45 years now, would you believe. He has a multitude of great albums to his name, and is inducted in the Blues Hall of Fame.
Paul tells us how it all unfolded, meeting greats such as Junior Wells and his harmonica hero Sonny Terry along the way.
With some tips on how aspiring harmonica players can try to emulate his tremendous success.
The secret is all in "playing what you feel, and feeling what you play".

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Check out Paul's website for his tour schedule, to buy some of his great albums, and more:

Link to 'Harmonica Man', the chart hit from the 1990s:

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John Mayall influence
First Harmonica
Sonny Terry influence
World Harmonica Championship
First Band
Junior Wells
Sonny Terry style
How Paul learnt harmonica
Playing with Sonny Terry
Paul's musical career
Paul Lamb & the King Snakes name
Advice for up and coming bands
Jimmy Nail
American harp players
Paul's albums
Harmonica Man hit single
Influential albums and songs
Paul's playing style
Blues Chromatic
10 minutes question
Which harmonica does Paul play
Favourite key of harmonica
Amplifiers, mics and pedals
Paul teaching