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Mark Feltham interview

September 13, 2020 Neil Warren Season 1 Episode 22
Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
Mark Feltham interview
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Mark Feltham grew up with a love of country music and just knew he had to play harp when he heard Stone Fox Chase on the UK music programme, Old Grey Whistle test.

As he entered the London music scene he found he had to adapt his style to create a fusion of melodic and blues playing, which has served him very well throughout his career. 

Best known from his work with Punk Blues band, Nine Below Zero, Mark also played with Rory Gallagher for a long spell. Alongside this he has had a great career as a session musician, recording for television adverts, films and playing with such giants as Oasis, The Christians, Talk Talk and Godley and Creme, of 10cc fame.

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Dennis Greaves duo trailer:

Rory Gallagher:

Masterplan with Oasis:

Playing on the Young Ones TV show:

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Mark’s South London roots
Grandfather brought harmonicas back from abroad for Mark
Didn’t take to the guitar but adores bass guitar
Loves some singing
Stone Fox Chase inspired Mark to seriously take up harmonica
How Mark learned the harmonica
Knew Tommy Reilly, who gave Mark tips
Started getting into blues players
Blues players had a feeling about them which is hard to emulate
Mark merged Country and Blues styles
Mark played in a Country band for two years
The beginnings of Nine Below Zero
Mark came up with name Nine Below Zero
Pack Fair and Square was Nine Below Zero’s first hit
Live At The Marquee album
Nine Below Zero started doing their own material
Mark’s first job as a session musician
Nine Below Zero disbanded for first time
Mark got a solo deal and then did more session work
Joined Rory Gallagher’s band
Fronted the Yardbirds for a while and got electrocuted
Box of Frogs album and then session work for TV and films
One of Mark’s best sessions was on chromatic, although he doesn’t really play chromatic
Played at Rory Gallagher’s funeral
Nine Below reformed in 1991
Chilled album is one of Mark’s favourites with Nine Below Zero
Played with Oasis
Third stint with Nine Below Zero
Acoustic duo album with Dennis Greaves
Mark has played with Kim Wilson
Nine Below Zero played Glastonbury
Playing with The Christians
Played with Deacon Blue
Album with Talk Talk
Mark practises everyday and impact of pandemic
10 minute question
Mark has taught harmonica to Jude Law
Mark’s favourite harmonicas and worked with Anthony Dannecker
Favourite key of diatonic
Different tunings
Amps and mics
Effects pedals
Future plans