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Antonio Serrano interview

September 26, 2020 Neil Warren Season 1 Episode 23
Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
Antonio Serrano interview
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Chromatic player, Antonio Serrano, is the current SPAH harmonica player of the year. And with good reason.
Antonio’s father was a great influence on the fledgling harmonica player. And Antonio met Larry Adler at a young age, and performed with him for the first time, at only 13 years of old. Since that time Antonio has made a big splash on the Spanish music scene, not least when he played with flamenco legend Paco de Lucia. He has recorded with many artists and released some albums under his own name, including a tribute to the legendary Toots Thielemans, who he has also performed with.

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Performing with Larry Adler at age 13:

Performing with Toots Thielemans:

Playing with Paco de Lucia: (Flamenco)

Playing I Feel For You with Chaka Khan:

Antonio playing Rhapsody In Blue:

Antonio playing Send In The Clowns from his first album:

SPAH seminar:

Also check out the Spotify Playlist, which contains some of the songs discussed in the podcast:

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Where Antonio grew up
Father was a big influence on Antonio picking up the harmonica
Father taught Antonio (& others) how to play
Antonio played the tremolo as first instrument
Learning an instrument from a young age
What started Antonio playing chromatic
Father also played some diatonic and Antonio plays some diatonic
Learnt to accompany on the chromatic
Antonio started working on classical pieces which developed his double stops
When Antonio first met Larry Adler
Lessons with Larry Adler
Antonio wishes he could tongue switch better
The greatness of Larry Adler
Respect for Gregoire Maret and Toots Thielemans
Importance of playing a chordal instrument
Finding the time to learn music and being efficient
10 minute question
Antonio’s first album
Recordings with numerous Spanish artists
Album with Federico Lechner, and Sesame Street
Tremelo effect
Antonio is well known in his native Spain
Played with Flamenco legend Paco de Lucia
Antonio’s solo album, Harmonious
Classical album with Constanza Lechner
Working on a new classical piece
Combination of chromatic and piano
Tootsology album
Played live Chaka Khan on I Feel For You
Played with jazz guitar player Peter Bernstein
Recorded soundtracks for various films
Teaching Chinese student Kang Kang
Antonio has just written an instructional book
Antonio is the SPAH Harmonica Player of the Year for 2020
Antonio’s chromatic of choice
Customising chromatics
Believes in keeping the instrument simple
Antonio has started playing other keys of chromatic
Amps and mics
Mic for recording
Put together concert to help his student