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Errol Linton interview

January 23, 2021 Neil Warren Season 1 Episode 31
Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
Errol Linton interview
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Errol Linton is a south London boy, with roots in Jamaica. His brand of ‘Brixton Blues’ music merges his Caribbean heritage with his love for the blues to create a distinctive reggae-infused form of blues.
Starting out busking on the streets of London, Errol was noticed by BBC Producer John Walters, who made a documentary about him. This led on to some airplay on BBC Radio. Errol built on this early success and has released a number of albums since the early 1990s. 
His two most recent albums have been released to critical acclaim, with the latest one, No Entry, recorded with a live feel.  

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Documentary on Errol by BBC:

Howlin’ For My Darlin’

Paul Jones BBC Blues Radio show:

Busking on London Underground:

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Listen to Errol’s “Live In London” album here:

Chad Jackson remix of Rain In Your Life:

Harmonica in Jamaican music:

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Errol is from Brixton, London
Harmonica in reggae music
Early influences of music came from the church
First harmonica was a tremolo bought from a friend
Blues harmonica influences
Errol started busking on the streets of London
How busking developed Errol’s harmonica playing
BBC made a Blues documentary featuring Errol
This led to some airplay on BBC Radio
Errol got in trouble with the law from busking
First recording was Homeboy Blues
Vibin’ It album in 1997
‘Brixton Blues’ is the reggae infused Blues that Errol plays
How Errol approaches songwriting
Packing My Bags song
Roots Stew album
Mama Said album in 2011
Some of songs influenced by Errol’s trip to Jamaica
2014 album: Dealing With That Feeling. An acoustic duo album
Packing My Bags album in 2018, on Brassdogs Records
Billy Boy Arnold song
Played at Cerys Matthew’s Good Life festival
Live In London album available to listen to online (see show notes)
Latest album, No Entry
Where name for No Entry album came from
Rain In Your Life remix version by Chad Jackson
Recording with The Transglobal Underground
Recorded with Joe Bonamassa at Abbey Road Studios
Album with trumpet player Abram Wilson, and playing at Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club
Played Womad festival
Errol also sells his artwork
10 minute question
Plays a little third position chromatic harmonica
Harmonica of choice
Uses minor tuned diatonic on some of reggae tunes
Favourite key of diatonic
Ampfliers and mics
Effects pedals
Future plans