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Son of Dave interview

February 20, 2021 Neil Warren Season 1 Episode 33
Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
Son of Dave interview
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Son of Dave is originally from Winnipeg, Canada, where he enjoyed pop chart success for ten years with folk-rock band Crash Test Dummies. He then moved to London and pursued a solo career.
After two albums he decided to quite literally go it alone and become the all singing, all dancing solo performer that is the Son of Dave act. While doing so he quite possibly invented a brand new genre of harmonica, incorporating beat-boxing and loop pedals to compliment his strong rhythmic harmonica style of playing. His catalogue of albums are littered with songs he has composed by dreaming up melodies on the harmonica.
Son of Dave has thrilled audiences around the world with his cartoony Bluesman persona, dragging his suitcase fulls of tricks behind him. His one-man show has got to be seen to be believed.

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Origins of the Son of Dave name
Had his Covid vaccination just yesterday and age mis-representation
Originally from Winnipeg, Canada and Winnipeg Folk Festival
First got interested in blues harmonica after seeing James Cotton playing live
Small collection of blues records which got SoD going
Didn’t spend lots of time studying the greats, but learnt in his own way
Other instruments learnt when young
SoD was a member of the successful Crash Test Dummies Folk-Rock band
After leaving Crash Test Dummies SoD had to start from scratch again
Sold 8 million records with Crash Test Dummies
Moved to London in 1998
Wild West Show album, released in 1999, and O1 album in 2001
Started busking in London, which was the start of the SoD one man show
Invented a new genre of harmonica with beat-boxing? Or at least the first to record it
Loop pedal came early on
Is nervous before shows with the one-man format
What gear used during the live show, and live demo of the sound
Important thing is the song and melody, not enough to just jam it
How started incorporating beat-boxing into the show
SoD has an instinctive way of learning and developing his act
Distinctive image to the act: Bluesman look and cartoony album covers
O2 album, the first mainly solo album
SoD song used in a Robin Williams movie, and also The Preacher film
Some blues songs covered on O2 album
How SoD uses the piano and the guitar in creating his music
How he uses the harmonica in composing his songs
The themes of songs that SoD writes
03 album and cover of Low Rider song, and meeting Lee Oskar
Does some basic maintenance of his harmonicas, but has Seydel do that for him now
Song used in TV series Breaking Bad
Also had a song in the TV series Preacher
The Blues At The Grand album featured a large number of guest musicians
Explosive Hits album from 2016 is a covers album
Music For Cop Shows album
Has been releasing singles instead of albums over the last few years, due to the new world of streaming
Has two albums in the pipeline
Most recent single is What A Life
Does a lot of touring and has played all around the world
Admires other harmonica players
SoD is strong with rhythm and hooks and melodies, similar to a comment Lee Oskar made on his podcast
Has given some harmonica workshops
Recently has been playing more songs without the looping pedal, with harmonica and voice and a rattle
10 minute question
Seydel endorser and low harmonicas
Plays some Chromatic harmonica
Favourite keys of diatonic are down to what matches his vocal range
Amps and mics
Future Plans