Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast

Greg Heumann interview

September 18, 2021 Neil Warren Season 1 Episode 46
Happy Hour Harmonica Podcast
Greg Heumann interview
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Greg Heumann joins me on episode 46.
The focus of this episode is all about gear, as I talk to the founder of BlowsMeAway Productions.
Greg has released an album of his own and uses his knowledge of playing harmonica to understand what is needed to make great harmonica products.The first product in this line was the volume control which later on Jason Ricci asked Greg to develop into the actual mic, which led to the Ultimate Series of mics.
He also hand crafts beautiful custom wood microphones and grills which can include your own initials and designs.
On top of this Greg also makes his very own mic element, which is included in his successful smaller diameter ‘Bulletini’ microphone.


Gregs website:

All About microphones guide:


Workshop video of creating wooden mic and metal grille:

Nic Clarke playing wood mic:

Hermine Deurloo playing Ultimate SM58:

Mark Hummel playing the RackIt with Bulletini:

Harpin’ By The Sea festival 2021:

PT Gazell interview as part of Seydel Overtones:


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Greg is the owner of harmonica gear company, BlowsMeAway Productions.
Plays harmonica himself, which he picked up after classical training on the Oboe
First started learning from a Jon Gindick tuition book and cassette
Lessons with Dave Barrett led to development of first product: volume controller
How Greg first started his harmonica products company, with the help of his dad
Jason Ricci asked to build his volume control into the mic to create the Ultimate Series of mics
How Greg was able to give up the day job to start selling harmonica equipment
Where he developed the skills needed to produce the harmonica gear he sells
Some of the skills from his previous work helped in getting Blows Me Away Productions going
Greg uses his own knowledge of the harmonica in developing the products
Has released an album called Duracool
Some of the problems Greg wanted to solve from his own experiences of playing
Early considered developing a monitoring system but it wasn’t the right thing
More on the volume control and the benefit of these
Custom wood microphones, how they’re made and advantages they bring
The wood used for the microphone shells
People sometimes provide their own wood, with sentimental meaning to them, to make a mic from
The wood mics also come with custom grilles, which can include letters and symbols
Waiting time for a custom wood mic
Greg developed his own mic element, called the Heumann element
Bulletini microphone contains the Heumann element
How Greg came up with the Heumann mic element
What makes a good mic element
How does the Bulletini element compare to vintage elements
More on the Bulletini mic
Modern Green bullets don’t have a very good mic element
Ultimate series of mics: the Shure SM57 and SM58
Greg also sells the Bulletizer, to allow cupping of SM57
RackIt harmonica rack with Bulletiser mic for a cupped distorted sound
BlowsMe Away also sells Wireless mics for harmonica
Used to sell restored Kalamazoo amps, but these are hard to come by now
Many top professionals endorse Greg’s products
Greg has written an “All About Microphones” guide
10 minute question
Greg’s harmonicas of choice
Mics and amps of choice
Effects pedals
Future plans